RPCI:  Senior Camp is organised by the RPCI for young people aged 16+.  Here are some reflections on the weekend:

Returning from my 5th Senior Camp Reunion and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it just as much as if it was my first. Senior Camp and the subsequent reunion provides a great opportunity for people in their late teens through to their late twenties to come together, (in this case for a weekend) to catch up with their friends, enjoy fellowship, engage in various fun activities and most importantly praise God and enjoy the teaching and discussion of His word.

Senior Camp reunion met in Mill Rest Hostel in Bushmills (on the Northern Coast of Ireland) over 10th – 12th February.  While the numbers were a little lower than expected this year (approx 30 young people), everyone had a real chance of being able to have a proper conversation with most, if not all, of those who attended. Everyone got to put more than just a name to a face of the others who attended.

Camp is now being led by the very capable John and Kerry Cubitt (Trinity RPCI) who did an excellent job for their first camp. I’m sure many more than myself will be looking forward to what they will bring, by God’s will, to the role and to Senior Camp itself in due course! As ever the cooks led by Stanley and Ruth Wilson, delivered great meals throughout the weekend and bought enough food to allow, in true camp form, the joy of 2nd helpings!  Rev Peter Loughridge from the North Edinburgh congregation in Scotland was our speaker for the weekend and brought the topic of “Gods’ Grace” to us. Reflecting on the talks that Peter gave based on Ephesians, Romans and Matthew, I was reminded once again of how great a God we truly have. How God freely gifts the gift of salvation to us, something we do not remotely deserve and can’t achieve by our own doing really draws and continues to drive home much he loves us that He sent Jesus to die for us! “…the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness towards us in Christ Jesus. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and not of yourselves; it is the gift of God” Ephesians 2v7b-8.

When it comes to activities, what I love most about camp is seeing what the committee will come up with this time! This year saw three sets of activities –  Friday night was Senior Camp’s own version of popular TV show ‘The Chase’ where campers split up into teams and were given pages with ‘A, B or C’ on them. When the questions were read out, teams were required to lift the page that matched what they deemed as the correct answer. Meanwhile however there was a camp leader who was playing the part of the ‘Chaser’. Depending on who got the answers right, between the ‘Chaser’ and the teams, reflected on how many points each team achieved overall! This evening brought many laughs and an enjoyable time was sure to be had by all as Tim McCollum (Ballyclabber RPC) hosted the evening.

On Saturday afternoon we were presented with several choices as to how we could spend our time. Many headed to the beach for games such as beach volleyball, some headed for a coastal hike to the Giants causeway where they battled had many strong winds to enjoy stunning views and many headed to the nearest café they could possibly find!the end result being an array of cakes that left Stanley and Ruth Wilson with tough decision for our winner

During Saturday Evening, camp managed to successfully pull off ‘The Great Senior Camp Bake Off’. A challenge which saw the lot of the guys (or maybe just myself!) look on edge and unsure about what to do or where to help. Each team was in possession of an Aunt Bessie Victoria sponge mix, a theme to complete and various utensils to complete the job. The bakers were given one hour to make “Mary Berry worthy”
cakes. In true ‘Bake Off’ style it was all hands on deck to complete our masterpieces! All the teams worked really well together and competition really slipped in with

Senior Camp has held many great memories in the past and continues to teach, guide and strengthen myself and other young Christian’s in their faith. Reunion has added even more memories to us all and I am so thankful to God that we have camps and for everything they do in training up the young people of our denomination to walk in faith and follow our Saviour that is Jesus!

William McMullan

Cullybackey RPC

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