Northern Presbytery Young Adults’ Pudding Party

On Saturday 18th February the Northern Presbytery CY committee organised their first Young Adults Event. Other events we organised had been well attended by school aged young people but we felt there was a lack of events organised for the ‘young adults’ age group. The evening was definitely a success! There were around 45 young people present, ranging from aged 18 to 30(ish!).

The evening started with Rev. Joel Loughridge from Cloughmills RP speaking from Psalm 22 on ‘Christ’s Crown and Covenant’. This was an excellent and challenging talk highlighting how Psalm 22 foretold Jesus’ suffering on the cross, and that Jesus was forsaken so that we now have the promise that we will never be forsaken by God.

A feast of all sorts of puddings (desserts) followed and the rest of the evening was free for everyone to spend as they pleased. Some chose to burn off all the calories by playing some volleyball whilst other chose to return for seconds/thirds/fourths of dessert! It was a very enjoyable evening with a relaxed atmosphere where people were free to chat, eat, play volleyball, games or whatever they fancied! It was so encouraging to see such a good number of people there, including young people from other surrounding local churches. Hopefully it will be the first of many more Young Adults events!

Lois Kelso,

Drimbolg RPCI

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