February Prayer Points

18th-24th February

  • Ballyclare RPC gives thanks for blessing on the ministry of Rev. Nathan Hawthorne.  Pray that he, and all our ministers, will know God’s help as they serve their congregation.
  • Pray for wisdom and grace in sharing the Gospel with those who attend the English class in Woodstock.
  • Remember the Shaftesbury Reformed Conference this Tuesday.  Pray for Rev. Kenneth Stewart (Glasgow RPC) as he speaks on ‘Heaven’.
  • Pray that the Lord will send additional families to live and serve in Cookstown and that local elders will be raised up.
  • Pray that members of the Women’s Fellowship Central Committee will know God’s help and guidance as they seek to serve the ladies in the church.  Remember all the arrangements for the Spring Conference in April.
  • NANTES – Give thanks for the witness to the many girls caught up in human trafficking in Nantes.  Pray for the weekly night visits on the streets and follow-up work with some of the girls.  Pray that the light of Christ would shine in this darkness and that many would come to faith in Christ.
  • NANTES – Pray that Malcolm would make a full recovery from his injury and be fully mobile, so as to carry out all that he previously did.
  • NANTES – A number in our fellowship have various health issues.  Pray for grace and patience for them, but also that help may be at hand to satisfactorily deal with these matters.


11th-18th February

  • Pray for the members of Letterkenny RPC as they continue to seek new opportunities for outreach, and for Rev. Mark Loughridge as he teaches RE in a local school each week.
  • Give thanks for the continued encouragement of the bookshop ministry in Galway.  Pray that the Lord will use the Gospel literature offered and the conversations with customers for the spiritual blessing of many.
  • Give thanks that many in Ireland and Scotland had the opportunity to hear about God’s work in Australia from Rev. Graeme Hart and for the reminder that “the Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.”   Pray for renewed zeal to share the Gospel with unbelievers.
  • Remember Amy McCollum, the new leader, the officers and the cooks at Girls’ Discovery Camp Reunion this weekend.  Pray that God will work in hearts of the girls as they study His Word, to bring non-Christians to faith and to build up those who are Christians.  Pray also for safety in travel and that God will grant favourable weather.
  • NANTES – Elise Weir from the RPCNA will be with us for the next two weeks. Pray that this time would be helpful for her and also be a means of blessing to those both within and outside of our fellowship.
  • Nantes – Our AGM will be on the 11th after our church meal. Pray that as various matters are discussed all will feel involved and commitment strengthened.

4th-10th February

  • Give thanks for the opportunities to do one-to-one Bible studies in Cloughmills RPC.  Pray that they will be a means of grace to those taking part.  Pray for further opportunities to hold similar Bible studies.
  • Pray for God’s blessing on a special time of outreach to be held in Ballyclabber RPC from Wednesday to Friday this week.  Pray that many non-Christians from the local area will attend.
  • Give thanks for the ministry that a group of Kilraughts ladies have through the Parent and Toddler Group.  Pray that they will see some spiritual fruit from all their efforts.
  • Pray for Dervock RPC’s Lighthouse Youth Club ministry to local children .  Pray that the children will respond to the Gospel message presented each week.
  • Remember John and Kerrie Cubitt and the Senior Camp Committee at Senior Camp Reunion this weekend.  Pray for Andrew McKelvey as he speaks to the young people.  Pray that God will build up believers in their faith and that the Gospel seed will be planted in others.  Also pray for safety in travel and that God will grant favourable weather.
  • NANTES – Continue to pray for all the preparation necessary for the coming of the GO team in March.  The distribution of Reflexions over many years has proved to be an effective tool in reaching many people.  Pray that this might be so again.
  • NANTES – Give thanks for those coming to the English Bible studies and asking good questions.  Pray that this interest may continue and develop.


28th Jan-3rd Feb

  • Pray that both students and Professors at the Theological College will be kept in good health in order that they will be able to fulfil all their commitments.
  • Give thanks for the safety the Covenanter Bookshop has enjoyed on the Knockbracken site over the past six months and pray that this will continue.  Pray for strength and guidance for all the staff in the day to day running of the book ministry.
  • NANTES – As is often the case, we have a number of people who are regular, occasional visitors.  Pray that family circumstances and/or spiritual hunger may cause them to be more regular and committed.