November Prayer Points

19th November – 25th November

Give thanks for all the staff at the Covenanter Bookshop and remember them as they seek to give God all the glory in the bookshop ministry.  Pray that God’s people would be edified and encouraged.

Pray for new opportunities for Letterkenny RPC to run Christianity Explored courses, and for Rev. Mark Loughridge as he teaches RE one class a week.

Thank God for sustaining the Bailliesmills congregation.  Pray that He would be pleased to build them up for His glory once again.

Pray for the witness of believers in Gateway Christian Fellowship, that they may bring Jesus with them wherever they go, as a sweet-smelling fragrance of life.  Pray this for believers in all congregations.

NANTES – Pray that all the believers in our fellowship may have the joy of sharing their faith with family members, friends, and colleagues.

NANTES – Pray for patience and healing for several who have health issues at the moment.


12th November – 18th November

Pray for elders as they meet together for the Synodical Day of Prayer in Bready RPC on 13th November.  Pray that the Mission Committee will know God’s leading as it also meets later on in the day.

Give thanks for the completion of extensive renovation work on the Shaftesbury Square RP church building.  Pray that the more accessible and attractive premises will encourage more local people to visit.

Pray for elders to be raised up in Cookstown RPC.  Pray for guidance for the Cookstown Church Family as they consider whether or not it is wise to move premises.

Give thanks for the blessing of new babies within the Cullybackey congregation.  Pray for them and for their parents as they raise them in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Pray for parents in all congregations as they seek to do this.

Pray for God to work in the hearts and lives of family members and those associated with congregations who are not yet Christians, to bring them to Himself.

Give thanks for blessings received from congregational weekends which have been held in Ballyclabber RPC.  Pray for Rev. Eddie Kirk as he speaks at this year’s weekend from 17th-19th November and that all who attend will grow in their love for one another and be built up in their faith.

GALWAY – Give thanks for the completion of the Christianity Explored course with a group of English students from various countries. Pray for the follow-up Discipleship Explored course over the next three months.

NANTES – Praise God for the opportunity of input to a debate following the showing of the film “Luther” in a cinema in Nantes as well as afterwards
with a number of individuals. Pray that something said may cause people to seriously reflect and, like Luther, study the Bible to seek truth.

NANTES – Praise God for the good conversation with some who attended our children’s club many years ago. What an encouragement to hear that they have been to a church in Paris. Pray that they may read the related books and consult the website we recommended and come to know Christ.

NANTES – Give thanks for all the Christians among the 40,000 students in Nantes and pray that their witness may impact many lives. Praise God for
those who have brought friends along to our Bible studies and worship services and pray for our ministry to them.


5th November – 11th November

Give thanks for the generous financial giving of those attending the Woodstock Society.  Pray that they will be able to increase regularly their contribution towards the pastor’s salary.

Thank God for the children who come to the various children’s works in Balliesmills RPC – Sabbath School, Winter Bible Club and Youth Club.  Please pray that all the children will come to faith in Jesus Christ.

GALWAY- Give thanks that the upstairs renovations to Galway Covenant Christian Fellowship church building are nearing completion. The suspended ceiling has been completed and the carpets have been laid.  Pray for God’s help as they finish the renovations and consider other possible ways to use the new premises.

Give thanks for the impact of camps on our young people and for those who have gone on to take part in GO Teams.  Pray for them as they study at school or college, especially those who often have to take a stand for their faith on their own.

Pray for the preparations being made for the Reunion Camps, that God will go before these plans and bless them.

Pray that believers in all age groups will give priority to reading and studying God’s Word and that they will also be encouraged to read good Reformed Christian books.