September Prayer Points

17th-23rd September

  • Pray for the Woodstock Society as it begins a new stage in the work under the leadership of Rev. David McCullough, organising pastor.  Pray that the Society will continue to reach out into the local community with the Gospel.  Pray that God will enable the McCullough family to settle in quickly to their new surroundings in Belfast and to make contacts with people in the community.
  • Pray for God’s comfort to be with those in the Enniskillen Fellowship who have lost loved ones in recent months.
  • Pray for the Convenor and Committee of the Covenanter Bookshop as they seek to plan, guide, and give direction going forward.
  • Pray that the residents of Renwick House will all settle in well and find it a place of Christian friendship and support.  Pray that God will bless their times of Bible study together.
  • GALWAY – Give thanks that many come into our bookshop to browse and buy and for opportunities to speak of Christ and to give out Gospel literature. Pray for more opportunities to share the Gospel with people in the shop and for wisdom in our witness and conversations.
  • GALWAY – Pray for our young people returning to school and especially those starting at secondary school. Pray too for those at college or university.
  • NANTES – Give thanks for the opportunity to speak to neighbours around the church.  Pray that they may see their spiritual needs, seek to know Christ and have the desire to join for worship and/or come to our Bible studies.
  • NANTES – Give thanks for the recent weddings that took place in August.  Pray that the Holy Spirit may enable the many unbelievers present to remember and continue to be challenged by all that they heard publicly and in personal conversations.  Pray that both couples may be vibrant witnesses in their family circles and in the communities where they live and work.

10th-16th September

  • Give thanks for the many children who attended Drimbolg RPC Holiday Bible Club.  Give thanks for safety during the week and that the Gospel was clearly presented to the children.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in the lives of these children and their families.
  • Give thanks for the Cullybackey RPC Holiday Bible Club.  Pray that, by God’s grace, the lessons taught will be used to plant seeds in the hearts and minds of the children who attended.
  • Give thanks for Cafe 48, the weekly outreach cafe run by Carrickfergus RPC on Fridays between 10am and 12 noon.  Pray that they will make contact with local people through it and see them saved and added to the church.
  • Remember students who have graduated from college and university.  Give thanks that some know the next step in their career, and pray that others will be seeking God’s guidance for the way ahead.
  • Pray for David Matthess as he begins a year of short term service in September, working for six months in Carrickfergus RPC and six months in Knockbracken RPC.
  • GALWAY –Give thanks for Patrick’s week on the Milford GO Team, Thomas’ week on the Newry GO Team and Laoise’s 10 days on the GO Relief Team in Romania.  Pray for spiritual fruit from the work and witness of Christ’s people in each of these places.
  • GALWAY – Give thanks for those who have come to the Talk English Bible Study on Wednesday evenings in the summer. Pray for the Speak English classes starting up again, for people to attend and for our team as they run the classes each week.
  • NANTES – Praise God for those visitors still coming along to church and for new visitors, some coming from quite a distance. Pray that while their circumstances allow, they may make their spiritual home with us. Pray for new faces from our community and for new students too.
  • NANTES – It was a privilege and joy to have a family worshipping with us for 10 months this past year. Alas they no longer feel that they
    can cope with the 150-minute round trip that this involved now that they are expecting their second child. Pray that God may meet all their
    spiritual needs and enable them to be fruitful witnesses in the Rennes area where they live.


3rd-9th September

  • Give thanks for those who attended the Talk English Bible Study (Christianity Explored), held by Galway Covenant Christian Fellowship, which ran in July and August.  Pray for the Gospel to change their lives and for the opportunity to take other evangelistic Bible studies.  Pray for God’s blessing on the Speak English classes resuming in September on Wednesday evenings.
  • Pray for Rachel Fallows of Kilraughts RPC, who is due to be spending a year in China at Chengdu University where she will be studying Mandarin.
  • Pray for fruit in Cookstown from July’s GO Team.  Thank God for how servant-hearted and Kingdom-focused each member of the GO Team was.
  • Give thanks for the recent GO Team in Milford and Letterkenny.  Pray that God will bless those who took part and that their work will bear fruit in the coming months.  Pray that Milford RPC will be able to build on relationships made during previous Holiday Bible Clubs.  Pray that the teenagers in Letterkenny RPC will be encouraged by the time spent with the team members.
  • Thank God for the contacts made during the first ever GO Week held by Gateway Christian Fellowship in August.  Pray that God will be stirring up some of these folk to find out more from us about His person and His prescriptions for a holy life.
  • Remember Newtownards RPC’s Weekend (8th-10th September).  Pray for blessing from the talks, for rich fellowship, and for safety in activities.
  • NANTES – Praise God for the team of 5 men (John Campbell, Robert McCahon, Noel McClenaghan, Graham Moffett and Neil Stewart) who came from N. Ireland at the beginning of July to work on the Lytle home (which belongs to the home church). Despite temperatures of over 30°C, in less than a week, they painted the house, fixed the roof, replaced windows, plastered walls, fitted a sink, fixed the driveway and even painted the room where we have our services and put down a new carpet! Amazing!
  • NANTES – Give thanks for the record-breaking number of holidaymakers who worshipped with us during the summer and for the fellowship enjoyed with them!