April Prayer Points

22nd-28th April

  • Please PRAY that Rev. Paul Wright will be faithful in preaching the Word of God to the Cookstown Church Family. GIVE THANKS for continued unity and contentment.
  • GIVE THANKS for the recent encouragements seen by Enniskillen RPC. Continue to PRAY for those within the local community who have addiction problems. PRAY that efforts to reach out to young people and adults will bear fruit.
  • PRAY for God to help Galway Covenant Christian Fellowship in their involvement in the pro-life campaign. PRAY that a growing number in the Republic of Ireland will be convicted about the sanctity of life from conception and the great need to care for both mothers and babies in crisis pregnancies. PRAY that the vote in the referendum in May will go against changing the 8th Amendment.
  • PRAY that the Holy Spirit would be at work in the hearts of those in congregations who have some knowledge of the Gospel, to convict them of their sin and convince them of their need of Christ.
  • GIVE THANKS for the good contact which Limavady RPC has with the local Residents’ Association. PRAY that the members of the congregation who join in some of the activities will have opportunities to ‘give a reason for the hope’ they have.
  • NANTES – Pray that some may come along to the advertised Bible studies on 25th April and 2nd May – on various aspects of God’s love.
  • NANTES – Pray that new people may come to church and for a good ongoing contact with many.


15th-21st April

  • PRAY for God’s blessing on the closing meeting of the Theological College and the graduation of the students on Thursday 19th April. PRAY for Professor Norris Wilson as he preaches on this occasion.
  • REMEMBER all the staff at the Covenanter Bookshop as they try to get to grips with a new automated management system. PRAY for patience, perseverance and wisdom. PRAY also for help and wisdom as new books are chosen to stock the Bookshop throughout the year.
  • GIVE THANKS for the mothers and minders who attend the ‘Little Tots’ with their children, run by Lisburn RPC. PRAY that the Bible lesson will make a lasting impression on all present.
  • GALWAY – Give thanks for our St Patrick’s Day outreach at the bookshop, for opportunities to speak to people from Galway and different parts of the world and to give out Gospel literature on St Patrick.
  • NANTES – The free offers in Réflexions are for the Bible, “Why the cross?” and “Where do we go from here?” (both by John Blanchard). Pray that many may request these, read them and come to know Christ.


8th-14th April

  • Pray for increased impact on the local community through efforts by Shaftesbury Square congregation to reach out to a very needy community all around them.
  • Pray that there will continue to be unity in Renwick House and that all the residents will come to know God in a deeper way through their time there.
  • Pray that the Bible studies in Gateway Christian Fellowship, on people meeting Jesus, will encourage the members to talk to others in the way that Jesus did.
  • Give thanks for all those who faithfully give of their time to serve in the Junior and Senior CY groups at Cullybackey RPC.  Pray that God would use their efforts to bring young people to Himself.
  • Pray that many women in the denomination will join together at the Spring Conference in Clare RPC this Saturday.  Pray for God’s help for all who take part.
  • GALWAY – Give thanks for the great turn out on 10th March at the Life Rally in Dublin (estimate 100 000) to save the 8th Amendment. Pray for all who are involved in the Pro Life Campaign to be used greatly to influence others as the referendum on 25th May approaches. Pray for God’s help with our canvassing and for His Spirit to lead us all in our everyday conversations concerning this vital issue.
  • NANTES – Pray that the articles in Réflexions (one based on the recent death of Johnny Hallyday, a very popular French singer, and the other on what it means to be a Christian) may be read and that they may challenge and change people’s thinking so that they may have the desire to become true Christians.


1st-7th April

  • Pray that non-Christians will attend a series of three Guest Services in Ballyclabber RPC, commencing on 1st April, and that God will open their hearts through the preaching of His Word.
  • Pray for CY meetings and the family night in Loughbrickland RPC in the year ahead and for the young people to be blessed at home and in school.
  • Please pray that the Southern Presbytery CY events will be well attended and be beneficial to the young people.  Pray for wisdom for the Presbytery CY Committee.
  • Galway Covenant Christian Fellowship gives thanks for the encouragement seen in the monthly Men’s Group and Women’s Fellowship.  Pray for the men as they discuss talks on ‘Loved by God’ by R. C. Sproul, and for the women in their studies on Proverbs, using Lydia Brownback’s book ‘A Woman’s Wisdom’.
  • Praise God that all worked out well for Rachel Fallows of Kilraughts RPC, in her studies in China.  Pray for God’s goodness and provision to continue.
  • GALWAY – Give thanks that Rahab was able to have the operation to drain fluid from her lungs and that the biopsy revealed that there was no cancer. She has been able to return home but will continue with dialysis twice a week.
  • NANTES – Praise God for all that was accomplished when the GO team was with us. We are very grateful for their perseverance day after day in distributing almost 40,000 Réflexions. We also really appreciated the help given by some from our church – in showing hospitality, singing at the market, distributing, etc. Pray for fruit from all the witness of the week.