June Prayer Points


  • Give thanks for the ministry of Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley in Airdrie and the wider Scottish RP Church, and pray for him and his family as they emigrate to Ottawa, Canada.
  • Please pray for the Airdrie Congregation as it goes through the process of seeking a new minister.



  • Pray for their upcoming Sabbath School outing.


North Edinburgh

  • PRAY for the outreach services planned for North Edinburgh from Monday 4th – Wednesday 6th June. PRAY for Peter Loughridge as he preaches. PRAY that God would bring in family, friends and others from the community. PRAY for salvation to come through God’s powerful Word.



  • Pray for the work the RP Mission Team will be doing in Stornoway.



  • Pray for their upcoming Mission the 12th-14th June.  Pray for Stephen Steele as he preaches.



  • Pray for the Presbytery meetings on the 8th-9th June.
  • Pray for the work the RP Mission Team is doing with each of the RPCS churches.