June Prayer Points

Give Thanks

  • Give thanks that Gabriel Wingfield has been ordained as Associate Pastor at Christ RPC in Rhode Island.
  • Give thanks that George Gregory has accepted the call to be pastor of College Hill RPC.
  • JAPAN: Give thanks for Rev. Warren Peel giving lectures at the Kobe Theological Hall.


Pray For

  • Pray for the short-term teams going out to various international and domestic locations throughout the summer.
  • Pray for Rev. Samuel McCracken and his wife and family (Casper RPCNA) as they grieve the loss of their baby son.
  • Pray for the various Vacation Bible Schools taking place at Winchester RPC, Immanuel RPC, College Hill RPC, Bloomington RPC, and White Lake RPC.
  • Pray for the Covfamikoi and Horn Creek Presbytery Conferences happening this month.
  • Pray for the ReMaker Work Conference at the Seminary.
  • Pray for the Synod meetings this month.
  • Japan – PRAY for God’s guidance for Kasumigaoka RPC, Japan, who will be voting to call a new pastor. PRAY that God will be preparing a faithful man to serve when Rev. Charles Leach ends his pastorate in September.
  • RPTS – Keep our students who are doing internships this summer in your prayers. Pray that this ‘real life’ experience will be a blessing. Pray for a strong incoming class, both in numbers and desire to serve Christ. Uphold Barry York and Keith Evans as they begin new ministries at RPTS.