April Prayer Points


  • May the training workshop be helpful for those who read & lead in prayer at Evening services.
  • Pray for Emily Mikelsons as she co-ordinates plans for Vines Road *Holiday Bible Program.  May God be with Emily and others who guide the children in activities. May Jesus be honoured.
  • Bless the Geelong Youth Group as it meets. Also Steve and Sam Demetriou as they lead it.
  • May the members of the Geelong congregation partake of the Lord’s Supper with prepared hearts.
  • Pray for Harry Thornley as he leads the Elstoft House service.
  • Give thanks for the growth in the congregation.



  • Pray for an enjoyable Ladies’ Christian Book Club. May it be used as a tool to draw others to Christ.
  • Pray for the Hart Snrs & Stewarts while they are away this month. Pray for God to bless and keep them.
  • Ask God to allow meaningful discussions to occur at the English Conversation Corner at McKinnon.
  • May God grant Graeme Hart valuable use of his time while he is on a week’s leave.
  •  Pray for God to unite in Christ & bless the youth as Youth group meet at the Blakston’s.


  • Ask for God’s direction for the rest of this year for Frankston. May they be sermon-on-the-Mount disciples.
  • Pray for Alastair as he travels to Frankston twice a month to lead the evening worship services.
  • Pray that God will be with Lily, Jane, Louise & her mother as they visit India.
  • Give thanks for God’s faithfulness to Frankston as seen in the review of 2017 at the AGM.


  • Ask God to be with and guide the elders as they meet for a Presbytery strategy planning meeting.
  • Continue to uphold in prayer any unbelieving family members; that they would look to Christ for salvation.
  • Pray for our ministers to be vessels for the Holy Spirit as they preach God’s Word to the congregations.
  • Give thanks for the Fellowship Camp.