November Prayer Points


  • Ask God to be with Luke & Yvonne & the Geelong Youth Group as they meet Sunday & fellowship together.

    Ask God for safe travel for Andrew Stewart as he travels back from Ireland this week (6th Nov).

    Pray that the residents at Elstoft House look forward to meeting Jesus through the Word and Psalms.

    Pray for Henry Fang as he seeks to finish his medical studies and prepare for pastoral ministry.


  • Pray for God’s comfort and peace to be on a couple who have lost a baby in the late stages of pregnancy

    Pray for God to richly bless the congregation through the Word and the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper on November 5th.

    Pray for God to bless and encourage the men who go to the men’s discipleship & coffee mornings.

    Give thanks for the 7 weeks of English conversation classes. Pray for an effective ministry.

    May God’s blessing be on those who go to a Thanksgiving Event at the home of the Fishers.

    Give thanks that Robert has been able to conduct pastoral visits with all the congregation at McKinnon.

    Give thanks for God’s hand of blessing on the pulpit exchange between Robert & Graeme.


  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to be leading the Frankston session as they meet on 2nd November.

    Thank God for Alastair’s ministry as elder and teaching the Story of the Bible course.

    Pray for wisdom & unity for Alastair, Benjamin and Maria as they plan to lead the ‘Serve Japan’ trip.

    Pray for God to build up the Frankston/McKinnon Youth as they meet tonight for Youth Group.

    Ask God to be with Alison & David James as they settle into life in Perth and to find a Church to belong.

    Thank God for Ralph Blakston’s faithfulness in leading the prayer meeting each Lord’s Day morning.

    Continue to ask God to provide a minister for the Frankston congregation.



  • Praise God for the successful “Serve Japan” Fundraiser Events. Pray that the rest of their plans go well.

    Pray for our elders to be granted a sense of wisdom by God as Presbytery on 11th November.

    Pray for a productive and safe working bee at Dixon’s Creek on 18th November.

    Pray for our country to hold on to the present marriage laws that honour God’s plan for a man & woman.

    Thank God for those Christians who stand up publicly for righteousness & God’s laws. May God protect them.