LifeFocus Week – March 17 – 25, 2018

Topic: God’s Mighty Acts, Christ’s Mighty Ministry

The present day land of Israel is filled with lots of stones and bones. And as archaeologists dig, a powerful witness to the truthfulness of Scripture is being slowly uncovered. What emerges from the pages of the Bible and from digs and tells across the land of Israel is a beautiful portrait of God’s mighty power in calling our father Abraham, in rescuing his people from Egypt, and in preserving Israel such that Jesus Christ, seed of David, could come into a land and culture prepared by God for his Son.

Join us for LifeFocus Week 2018 as we survey the Word of God to learn about the Mighty Acts of God, noting what stones and bones leftovers of ancient biblical history testify to God’s glory. We will see how God’s mighty miracles and providence preserved a nation throughout the Old Testament, and how Jesus’ life-giving message and his atonement on the Cross secured the salvation of his people past, present, and future.

Come and join us March 17-25, 2018!