“I have to admit that I never really enjoyed the games…
I had a feeling of worthlessness.”
Ryan Giggs – 13 Premier Leagues, 2 Champions Leagues

7am – the alarm clock rings. Get up, get washed, get dressed, get breakfast, get family out, get yourself out, sit in traffic.
Work Work Work Lunch Work Work Work.
Sit in traffic, get dinner, stick on EastEnders, go to bed. Repeat.
Is this it?
The dazzling sunset over those hills, the love you have for your family, the griefs we feel, the sense of your own value…
they all tell us: ‘This is not it’.
We are more than dust that got lucky and apes that got smart.
We are made in the image of God, and made to know God.
And all the hurt we feel and inflict comes from our failure to know God and serve him as we should. That’s why superstars like Ryan Giggs have reached the top and found it lacking.
But there is a cure. And there is a cause worth living and dying for.
He’s called Jesus. Come along 16-18 May to find out more.